Celebrating Juneteenth in Orlando: Honoring History, Community, and Progress

Juneteenth is not only a celebration of freedom but also a time to reflect on the progress and contributions of the African American community. Here in Orlando, various events and initiatives highlight the importance of Juneteenth and the ongoing journey toward equality.

Juneteenth Events in Orlando

  • Juneteenth Festival at Camping World Stadium: On June 15th, from 2PM to 7PM, this festival will include live music, cultural performances, food vendors, and educational activities to honor African American history and culture.
  • Juneteenth Community BBQ: Hosted by local organizations, this family-friendly event will be held on June 17th, offering BBQ, games, and live entertainment to foster community connection and celebrate Juneteenth.
  • Facets of Freedom: A Celebration of Juneteenth: A Celebration of Juneteenth: Taking place on June 19th, at the Orlando Family Stage, this interdisciplinary arts event will feature musical performances, dance, spoken word, and a visual art exhibit by Black Central Florida artists​.
  • Juneteenth Art and Culture Exhibition: Local galleries and cultural centers showcase works by African American artists, providing a platform for their voices and perspectives. These exhibitions foster appreciation and understanding of the diverse cultural contributions of the Black community.

African American Homeownership in Orlando

Homeownership is a critical aspect of economic stability and wealth-building. In Orlando and Central Florida, efforts are ongoing to increase African American homeownership and address the disparities that exist.

Local initiatives and programs are dedicated to bridging this gap, offering financial education, assistance with down payments, and access to affordable housing options. Our real estate services are committed to supporting the African American community in achieving their homeownership dreams.

Our Commitment to the Community

By celebrating Juneteenth and recognizing the importance of African American homeownership, we honor the history and contributions of the Black community while striving for a future of equality and prosperity. We believe in the importance of inclusivity, representation, and equality in all aspects of life, including homeownership. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized and supportive services to all our clients, ensuring they find the perfect home that meets their needs. Let us be your trusted partner in this journey.