Monthly Homeowner Checklist: April To-do’s

Get your Orlando home ready to embrace the lively season of spring with our tailored home maintenance checklist. As nature blossoms and temperatures begin to climb, it's the ideal time to revitalize your living space and embrace a sense of renewal. From tending to outdoor landscapes to ensuring indoor spaces are organized and efficient, our comprehensive guide offers practical advice to navigate each task seamlessly. Prepare to greet the season with a rejuvenated home that embodies your unique style and enhances your Orlando living experience.

Outdoor Maintenance

- Inspect and Clean Screens: Check both house and vent screens for tears and bent frames. Lay window screens flat and scrub them with a soft bristle brush and mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and allow them to dry.

- Inspect Outdoor Structures: Look for signs of deterioration, especially rot, in outdoor structures like posts, railings, and window sills. Probe soft spots with an awl and plan repairs for when the weather improves.

- Prepare Gas Grills: Get ready for outdoor cooking season by inspecting and cleaning gas grills. Remove cooking grills, clean them with soapy water and a brass bristle brush. Clean accumulated grease from lava rocks or ceramic briquettes by igniting the burners on high heat for 10 minutes.

- Inspect Garden Hoses: Check hoses for leaks and make temporary repairs with electrical tape. Replace old washers to prevent leaks and avoid leaving hoses connected to outdoor spigots until the danger of frost has passed.

- Caulk Open Joints: Seal open joints, particularly around windows and doors, to prevent drafts and water leaks.

Home Maintenance

- Inspect Crawl Space or Basement: After spring showers, check your crawl space or basement for any water accumulation. Promptly address any leaks or water damage to keep your home dry and secure.

- Check Washing Machine Hoses: Prevent potential flooding by inspecting and replacing worn or damaged washing machine hoses. A quick check now saves you from a messy situation later.

- Check Fire Extinguishers: Stay prepared for emergencies by ensuring your fire extinguishers are in good condition. Don't wait until it's too late—verify their readiness now.

- Check Weather Stripping: Keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient by inspecting weather stripping around doors and windows. Replace any worn-out material to keep the elements at bay.

Spring Cleaning and Organization

- Clean Garbage Disposal: Banish odors and keep things fresh with a simple cleaning of your garbage disposal. A couple of ice cube trays and some vinegar water are all you need for a quick refresh.

- Test Sprinklers and Irrigation System: Ensure your yard stays lush and green by checking sprinklers and irrigation systems for any issues. A little maintenance now keeps your landscaping thriving all season long.

- Repair Cracked or Peeling Paint: Protect your home's exterior and boost curb appeal by addressing any cracked or peeling paint. A fresh coat not only looks great but also shields your home from the elements.

Decluttering and Outdoor Prep

- Streamline Your Space: Say goodbye to winter clutter and welcome the freshness of spring! Clear out unused items and create a serene space that's perfect for relaxation.

- Clean Trash Cans and Recycling Bins: Keep your outdoor spaces clean and odor-free by giving trash cans and recycling bins a thorough cleaning. A little effort now keeps things smelling fresh all season long.

- Organize Towels, Linens, and Bedding: Tidy up your linens and bedding to welcome the lighter feel of spring. Pack away heavy blankets and refresh your space with light, airy fabrics.

- Spruce Up Front Porch: Make a great first impression by sprucing up your front porch. Clean the area, add some cheerful decor, and create a warm welcome for guests and neighbors alike.

- Clean Garage: Maximize your storage space and keep things organized by decluttering your garage. Make room for your car and outdoor gear so you're ready for all your spring adventures.

- Wash Siding and Clean Gutters: Give your home's exterior a fresh start by washing away winter grime from your home's siding. Ensure gutters and downspouts are clean and free of debris to prevent water damage.