Monthly Homeowner Checklist: June To-do’s

As June paints Orlando and Central Florida with its vibrant hues, it's time to refresh your home for the summer ahead. With a mindful nod to hurricane preparedness, our comprehensive checklist guides you through fortifying your space against potential storms while creating an oasis of warmth and tranquility. Join us in crafting a home that's both resilient and inviting.

Indoor Organization and Maintenance:

Streamline Kitchen Layout: Optimize your kitchen for summer efficiency by ensuring frequently used items are easily accessible. Reduce clutter for a more functional space.

Organize School Papers: Start summer fresh by organizing and storing away school papers, clearing your home of clutter.

Lighten Up Decor: Create a cool and inviting indoor atmosphere by lightening up your decor with lighter hues and breezy curtains.

Maintain Cooling Systems: Beat the heat by keeping cooling systems running smoothly, from dusting ceiling fans to scheduling air conditioning maintenance.

Update First-Aid Kits: Be prepared for any situation by updating your first-aid kits and emergency supplies, ensuring you're equipped for minor mishaps or unforeseen disasters.

Clean Fridge and Freezer: Ensure smooth operation throughout summer by cleaning condenser coils, preventing malfunctions and food spoilage.

Outdoor Preparation and Maintenance:

Empty Standing Water Regularly: Regularly emptying standing water from containers and gutters helps prevent mosquito breeding, safeguarding your family from annoying bites and potential health risks.

Designated Drying Area: Set up a dedicated spot outdoors for drying beach towels and bathing suits. This ensures they remain sand-free and ready for your next outdoor adventure.

Install Screen Doors: Enhance airflow and keep insects out by installing screen doors. Enjoy the refreshing summer breeze while maintaining a bug-free home environment.

Check Play Equipment: Prioritize safety by inspecting outdoor play equipment for wear and tear. Ensuring its integrity ensures safe and enjoyable outdoor play for everyone.

Trim Shrubs and Bushes: Protect your home from wood-destroying insects by trimming shrubs and bushes that come into contact with its exterior. This helps maintain your home's structural integrity.

Plant Bee-Friendly Flowers: Create a vibrant garden and support pollinators by planting bee-friendly flowers. Not only do they add beauty, but they also play a crucial role in local ecosystems.

Weed and Harvest: Stay on top of garden maintenance by regularly weeding thick vegetation and harvesting ripe fruits and vegetables. This promotes a healthy and productive outdoor space.

Optimize Outdoor Lighting: Swap out lightbulbs for ones that reduce insect attraction, creating a comfortable outdoor environment for gatherings.

Keep Bird Feeders Away: Position bird feeders away from your house to prevent attracting rodents, maintaining a pest-free living space.

Maintain Safe Swimming Environment: Regularly test your pool's pH levels to ensure balanced and safe swimming conditions.

Clear Out Garage or Shed: Make space for summer activities by clearing out your garage or shed, organizing gear and equipment.

Hurricane Preparedness Reminder:

It's crucial to fortify your home for the summer ahead while staying mindful of hurricane preparedness. Ensure your space is resilient against potential storms by:

  • Checking Emergency Supplies: Update your first-aid kits and emergency supplies to be ready for any situation.
  • Securing Outdoor Items: Trim shrubs, install screen doors, and clear out gutters to protect against potential storm damage.
  • Staying Informed: Stay updated on hurricane forecasts and evacuation plans to ensure the safety of your household.

For a complete checklist to prepare your home for summer and beyond, including detailed tips on indoor organization, outdoor maintenance, and hurricane preparedness, click here to view the full list.