Lake Nona's Cutting-Edge Hospital: AdventHealth's New Healthcare Destination

A groundbreaking healthcare destination is set to emerge in Lake Nona, heralding a new era of medical excellence for Central Florida and beyond. AdventHealth is spearheading the development of a 10-story hospital at 10999 Narcoossee Road, marking a significant milestone in advancing healthcare services in the region.

Construction is well underway, with thousands of tons of soil already removed and over 1,000 concrete piles meticulously placed to form the hospital's foundation. Anticipated to open with 80 beds initially, the facility boasts the flexibility to expand to accommodate up to 320 beds, ensuring ample capacity to meet the healthcare needs of the growing community.

Set to offer a comprehensive range of services, the hospital will cater to diverse medical specialties including men’s health, bariatrics, neurology, cardiology, orthopedics, and more. A standout feature is the incorporation of an incisionless surgical suite, focusing on cutting-edge treatments such as ultrasound-based tumor destruction and tremor alleviation for Parkinson’s disease patients.

Doug Harcombe, CEO of the hospital, envisions the facility as a holistic health and wellbeing destination seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the Lake Nona community. The expansive 25-acre campus will not only prioritize healthcare but also feature recreational amenities such as a lake promenade, event lawn, amphitheater, and direct access to the Lake Nona Trail, fostering wellness and community engagement.

Designed to reflect Lake Nona's distinct character, the hospital will exude warmth and hospitality, with artistic elements enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Beyond healthcare, the campus will house a medical office building along with retail and dining establishments, transforming it into a vibrant hub for residents and visitors alike.

Craig Collin, president and COO of Tavistock Development Group, underscores the significance of AdventHealth's expansion in Lake Nona, emphasizing the community's commitment to providing residents with access to cutting-edge healthcare solutions.

Scheduled for completion in 2026, the project boasts architectural prowess from ESA and construction expertise from Brasfield & Gorrie. As anticipation builds, Lake Nona prepares to welcome a transformative healthcare facility that promises to elevate the standard of care and redefine the region's healthcare landscape.