Discover the Top Florida Cities Drawing New Yorkers - Is Orlando Right for You?

Are you considering a move from the bustling streets of New York to the sunny shores of Florida? You're not alone. Discover the top destinations capturing the attention of New Yorkers, with Orlando taking a prominent spot. Read on to learn why this vibrant city, among others in the Sunshine State, is becoming the preferred choice for many.

Florida's Appeal to New Yorkers

Recent data from Redfin highlights Florida's popularity as a destination for those seeking a change of pace. Among the top-ranking cities, five Florida locations stand out. Here's a glimpse of the leading contenders:

  1. Tampa
    Net Inflow Q2 2023: 5,000 people
    Top Place of Origin: New York City
  2. Orlando
    Net Inflow Q2 2023: 4,900 people
    Top Place of Origin: New York City
  3. North Port-Sarasota
    Net Inflow Q2 2023: 4,700 people
    Top Place of Origin: New York City
  4. Cape Coral
    Net Inflow Q2 2023: 4,100 people
    Top Place of Origin: Chicago
  5. Miami
    Net Inflow Q2 2023: 3,700 people
    Top Place of Origin: New York City

What sets these cities apart? Warm climates, inviting communities, and attractive median sales prices make them highly desirable. For those seeking a more affordable and welcoming environment, these Florida cities offer an enticing prospect.

Cities with Outward Migration

On the flip side, certain cities are experiencing a net outflow of residents. If you're looking to depart from these urban centers, you're not alone. The following cities saw more people moving out than in:

  1. San Francisco, CA: 28,100 people
  2. New York City, NY: 24,200 people
  3. Los Angeles, CA: 20,900 people
  4. Washington, D.C.: 15,700 people
  5. Chicago, IL: 4,900 people
  6. Boston, MA: 4,400 people
  7. Seattle, WA: 3,900 people
  8. Hartford, CT: 3,500 people
  9. Denver, CO: 2,300 people
  10. Detroit, MI: 2,300 people

Why Consider Orlando?

Among the top contenders, Orlando stands out as a city with boundless opportunities. If you're intrigued by what Orlando has to offer, our expert real estate team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you're searching for a dream home or a strategic investment, we have the local knowledge and expertise to make your transition seamless.

Ready to make Orlando your new home? Contact us today and let's embark on this exciting journey together!