Orlando Housing Insights & Trends: April Market Recap

April saw a surge of activity in Orlando's real estate market. Median home prices were recorded at $388,500, reflecting a robust market. Despite the increase in prices, the supply slightly exceeded three months, yet homes are swiftly finding buyers. This indicates strong demand and market stability, expected to persist as families look to relocate during the summer season. Discover the latest trends and insights shaping Orlando's dynamic real estate market by diving into our detailed analysis.

New Listings:

New listings rose by 2.6% from March to April, with 4,230 new homes entering the market in April. This influx of new listings further enriches the housing market, offering fresh opportunities for potential buyers and contributing to the dynamic landscape of Orlando's real estate sector.

Median Home Prices:

April 2024 witnessed a significant uptick in median home prices, reaching $388,500, up from $386,500 in March. This remarkable increase underscores the continued strength and competitiveness of Orlando's housing market.

Sales Performance:

The real estate market in Orlando saw a notable 7.8% rise in overall sales from March to April. With 2,759 transactions in April, marking the third consecutive month of increased sales, this trend highlights growing buyer confidence and market activity.

Inventory Dynamics:

April 2024 recorded a substantial expansion in inventory dynamics, with figures reaching 9,376 homes. This marks a 4.5% increase from March and the fourth consecutive month of rising inventory, providing buyers with a wider selection of options.

Interest Rate Trends:

Interest rates in April edged up to 6.9%, continuing a three-month trend of incremental increases from March's 6.7%. While this uptick may impact buyer affordability, Orlando's real estate market remains resilient, supported by sustained demand and favorable economic indicators.

Distressed Home Sales:

April witnessed a slight uptick in distressed home sales, with 26 properties, including bank-owned properties and short sales, accounting for 0.9% of all home sales. This represents a 13.0% increase from March, highlighting evolving trends in market segments.


Key Takeaways:

April's real estate trends in Orlando demonstrate a thriving market with consistent growth in sales, median home prices, and inventory. The surge in median home prices, coupled with rising sales and inventory, indicates a competitive and dynamic market environment, presenting opportunities for both buyers and sellers alike.


April 2024 vs April 2023: Orlando Market Stats Comparison

Active Listings: 9,376 vs 5,148, 82.1%

Closed Sales: 2,759 vs 2,766, -0.3%

Median Sale Price: $388,500 vs $370k, 5.0%

Avg. Days on Market: 54 vs 52, 3.8%

Interest Rates: 6.91% vs 6.41%

Navigating Orlando's Real Estate Market:

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