Unveiling Thrills: Exclusive Aerial Insights into Universal's Epic Universe Construction

Explore the exhilarating progress of Universal's highly anticipated Orlando theme park, Epic Universe, with exclusive aerial photos captured by WESH's Chopper 2. The latest snapshots showcase the iconic Mario emblem waving proudly atop "Mount Beanpole" in the enchanting Super Nintendo World.

Construction Milestones

In the stunning aerial views, witness the descent of scaffolding from the park's highest point, signaling a significant construction milestone. Notably, the development of expansive fountains at the park's center is underway, accompanied by the creation of amphitheater-style seating for an immersive visitor experience.

Sneak Peeks and Unconfirmed Themes

While Universal has officially disclosed details about one themed land, tantalizing glimpses hint at additional surprises. Colorful dragons and Vikings come to life in the ongoing construction, promising a diverse and captivating environment within Epic Universe.

Technological Marvel Awaits

Epic Universe is poised to be Universal's most technologically advanced park, offering visitors an unparalleled blend of innovation and entertainment. The opening, scheduled for the upcoming year, is eagerly awaited by theme park enthusiasts and adventure-seekers alike.

Epic Adventures Await

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure as Universal's Epic Universe takes shape. The captivating photos unveil a world of thrills and surprises, offering a glimpse into the magical realms that will soon welcome guests.